How to become a resident at Lifeboat

***Admission forms can be found under the Info Center tab***


Lifeboat Alliance Admittance Checklist

Those we cannot accept

1. Individuals with a non-violent felony record within the last 5 years or violent felony record within the last 20 years.

2. Sexual predators / offenders

3. Individuals on parole

4. No One with any pending felony cases

5. Domestic Battery less than 10 years old

6. Anyone under the influence of drugs / failing –refusing drug test

7. Carriers of communicable disease and which pose a health risk.

8. Individuals incapable of self-care

9. Individuals with outstanding warrants.

10. Individuals with mental illness without prescribed medications necessary to properly medicate the mental illness.

11. Any individual placed on the no admit list of this facility, and / or an individual placed on a similar list by any shelter organization with whom the Lifeboat Alliance maintains close affiliations

12. Anyone requiring clinical care or group home

13. Unaccompanied minors (those under 18 referred to DCFS)

14. Anyone released from hospital without physician signed self-supporting form.

For those being admitted follow the steps below:

1. Complete prescreening application

2. Be sure to gain person’s signature authorizing background check

3. Notify the shelter of incoming application at 618-244-4088

4. Fax application to Lifeboat Alliance at 618-244-4098

5. Caseworker will call you with response to background

6. Make arrangements to get guests to shelter

Lifeboat Alliance

PO Box 76

Mt. Vernon, IL 62864

(618) 244-4088 main

618-244-4098 FAX


***Admission forms can be found under the Info Center tab***


  September 2021  
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